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Main historical dates and events

Main historical dates and events

Year Event

1625 A detachment of Russian Cossacks came to Verkhneye Priobye for the first time.

1696 Village Karmatskaya was founded Ц the first settlement in the Altai territory.

1709 Byisk was founded.

1729 The first plant in the Altai territory Ц Kolyvano-Voskresenskiy plant Ц started its work.

1744 The first melting of the Barnaul copper-smelting works.

1747 The decree of the empress Elizaveta Petrovna about including the Altai mountain okrug into the property of Russian czars.

1756 Inclusion of Altaians into the Russian citizenship.

1766 Test of the steam engine designed by Ivan Polzunov.

1786 The Barnaul Уtheatre houseФ mentioned in the archival papers.

1802 Setting up the Kolyvan grinding factory. УTsaritsa VazФ was made of jasper in the first half of 19th century which is stored in the Hermitage Museum.

1861 Liberation of Altai mineworkers and peasants from villaining.

1884 Setting up the Care society for elementary education in Barnaul.

1893 Closure of the Barnaul silver-refining plant.

1900 Opening the People's house in Barnaul.

1905 Foundation of the Barnaul branch of Russian Social Democratic labor party.

1915 Completion of the Altai railroad.

1917 Separation of the Altai province from the Tomsk province.

1919 Partisan movement in Altai against admiral Kolchak regime.

1928 Visit to Altai of the Communist Party secretary Stalin Ц beginning of total collectivization of farms.

1932 Laying of the foundation stone of the Barnaul m?lange works.

1933 Setting up the Barnaul pedagogical institute.

1937 Foundation of the Altai territory.

1941-1945 252 Altai soldiers were conferred on the title of the Soviet Union Hero for heroic deeds in the Great Patriotic War.

1954 Beginning of the assimilation of new territories.

1973 Foundation of the Altai university.

1975 A record corn harvest cropped in Altai Ц 6 million 106 thousand tons

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